- Our Packaging


At we are trying to do as much as we can to help the environment. We have made changes to cut down our use of plastics and paper as much as possible. We look to recycle and re-use packaging materials where possible.

We have made the packing we use as environmentally friendly as possible, our boxes are fully recyclable and re-useable, these have also recently been re-designed to use less materials and Eco-Flo filler. These changes have saved materials and still keep paints/products as safe as possible during transportation. We have actually seen a decrease in damages since making these changes.

We use bio-degradable Eco-Flo filler, made from GM free starch which is fully compostable. It is also plastic free. We also find this method to be the best way of shipping paints and we get less damages using this method, meaning less waste and paint having to be replaced. Although we do everything we can to prevent damages, they do on occasion occur. Paint cans, even though dented should be simply used as normal, the paint inside is perfectly fine to use.

All other packaging materials are stipulations on shipping liquids safely and securely through the postal service. We look to re-use and recycle boxes, and bags wherever possible. And deliveries within a certain radius from us are delivered using zero packaging.