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Paint & Paper Library was founded over 20 years ago in London by interior designer David Oliver. It offers a palette of 180 unique colours, and is manufactured to exceptionally high standards in the UK. 

These high quality paints can be found in some of the most prestigious properties around the world. The current paint range is made up of 5 main paint finishes. These can be used to decorate any part of the home, both interior and exterior. In this article we will look at the 2 emulsion paints available.

Colours used below are: Stone II (202), Stone IV (204) & Hunter Dunn 523


Pure Flat Emulsion - 2% Sheen Level

This flat emulsion is available in 4 sizes, 250ml (sample pot), 750ml, 2.5Ltr & 5Ltr. This is one of the flattest emulsions available with a sheen level of only 2%. This gives a soft chalky finish and the high pigmentation in the paint gives profound depth. The paint is micro-porous, which allows the fabric of the building to breathe, making it ideal for use in older properties. This paint is gently wipeable, and therefore should not be used in areas where walls will be touched or require a stronger paint, such as a hallway or kitchen. Over cleaning may cause this paint, especially darker colours to mark, as it is not designed for high traffic areas. 

Architects' Matt - 3% Sheen Level

This paint is one of the best paints we have seen available on the market. Its coverage is superb and has a high performance, long-lasting finish which is washable. This makes it suitable for use in all parts of the home including kitchens and bathrooms. It can even be used externally. It is available in 3 different sizes, 750ml, 2.5Ltr and 5Ltr. This paint is available in all Paint Library colours. Compared with other brands such as Farrow and Ball the Architects' Matt is certainly worth the slightly higher price tag. With this washability, low sheen level at only 3%, and superb colour range this paint really is one of the best available. Its closest comparison would be the Intelligent Emulsion from Little Greene.

The full range of Paint and Paper library paints and colours are available to order at and we have huge stock available all the time. The paints are tinted here and are usually despatched on a next working day delivery service.





Paint Library Colours

Some elements in a room, particularly the ceiling and woodwork, are frequently painted white through habit or lack of confidence. Paint & Paper Librarys Architectural Colours is a simple system, using subtle variation in colours strength to add depth and unite traditional architectual elements.

Arranged chromatically in 19 groups of five gradual shades, numbered I, II, III, IV and V and ranging from light to dark, warm to cool, each colour can be used individually or in a combination on ceilings, walls and woodwork.

The lower section of the card, the 'Original Colours' can be used independantly or as part of a colour scheme to add more depth, or to provide accents or highlights, without disterbing the overall sence of colour balance.


In the Picture to the right, the colours used are: Slate II (162), Slate IV (164) and Sharkskin (168)

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