Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell or Modern Eggshell?

What's the difference between Estate Eggshell and Modern Eggshell?


This is another question we get asked a lot which causes confusion when people come to use the Farrow and Ball paint range. One thing many customers don't realise is that Modern Eggshell in Farrow and Ball used to be called Floor Paint.

It is a highly durable, mid sheen finish, at around 40% sheen level. Many F&B customers thought that the Modern Eggshell was a brand-new paint finish released by the company, however it was simply a re-name and some new advertising. That's not to say the Modern Eggshell can't be used for more aspects of home decoration than just floors, because it can. Having a product simply called floor paint when it has other uses prompted the name change, and rightly so.

It can be used to do everything that the Estate Eggshell can, it will just have a higher sheen level, and over time, depending on many different factors, might look better for longer. With the fashion at present for interior woodwork to have a flat finish, many customers I speak to realise that it is the Estate Eggshell they require as they want the flatter finish, and were on their way to making an expensive mistake.

So what's the difference? In the main it would be the sheen level. Modern Eggshell at 40% and Estate Eggshell at 20%. Usually with paints, the higher the sheen level, the stronger the paint finish will be. Other paint companies would call this (Modern Eggshell) a Satin finish. Maybe calling it an eggshell is misleading, this has caught many customers out.

In our decorator centre we have Estate Eggshell painted on all of our woodwork including our front door and counter. I have to say it stands up to the daily challenge extremely well, and starts to look tatty after about 18 months. Considering this is in constant use, I think that's an excellent return, and after a quick sand down and re-coat its good to go again. So on kitchen cupboards should last for years. Just make sure as with all decorating, surfaces are prepared and primed properly, and 2 topcoats are applied. Cutting corners will only lead to disappointment in the long term.

In conclusion:

In the real world the Estate Eggshell will be perfect for any family home or business, and this is the one to go for. It's hard wearing, 20% flat sheen level and is the one 95% of customers want and need. If you want a mid-sheen finish, at 40%, then the Modern Eggshell is the way to go, and of course if you're painting a wooden floor, suitably primed of course. 


W McNeice




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