Fenwick & Tilbrook Paints

Fenwick and Tilbrook

Freshly made paint, delivered next day, from a family run company based in Norfolk.


At designerpaintstore.com we are always looking for new, exciting, high quality paints to add to our list of designer paints. We are now working with Fenwick & Tilbrook and have stocks of their sample pots, and a new colour wall in store. Colour charts are also available.

Having being impressed with the colour range, paint range and quality it was clear that Fenwick & Tilbrook was a brand we wanted to work with both now and in the future. We have also used Fenwick and Tilbrook paints in store, and have been impressed with the high quality, opacity, and flat finish, especially from the Pure Matt Plus. Available in all colours, with just a 3% sheen level, it has performed perfectly in our busy store.

Fenwick and Tilbrook also offer a full range of exterior paints. Fenwick & Tilbrook Exterior Eggshell was created to protect exterior timber structures in Scandinavian conditions for as long as was possible, so it is outstandingly durable. Like all Fenwick & Tilbrook paints, it has extraordinary pigment strength. Its 20% sheen allows the colour to shine through even in direct sunlight and the exceptional chroma, or colour intensity, gives the impression of radiating colour, giving a wide range of tones under all kinds of lighting conditions. There is also a masonry paint of offer (Ultimate Masonry) giving a soft 15% shee for exterior masonry surfaces available in all colours.

Making Fenwick & Tilbrook unique could be their Clay Paints. An ultra-matt 2% sheen Claypaint is a highly breathable paint, specifically designed to be applied to lime plastered walls, which is often found in older properties.  The breathable nature of claypaint allows any moisture within the wall to escape without damaging the finish. Yet, like all Fenwick & Tilbrook paints, it is gorgeously thick and has fantastic coverage. Fenwick & Tilbrook Clay Paint is available in 5Ltr can sizes and in most of their colours.

Designerpaintstore.com offers FREE delivery on Fenwick & Tilbrook paints on orders over £6.95. These can be ordered both online and in store if you are local to us.

Shop for Fenwick and Tilbrook Paints on Designerpaintstore.com - Free delivery on orders over £100.00!


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