Is Farrow and Ball Paint worth the money?

Is Farrow and Ball Paint worth the money?


Farrow and Ball is quickly becoming one of the best know painting and decorating brands in the UK, and is growing massively in Europe and the USA. Over the past 15 years selling Farrow and Ball paints and wallpapers, we have seen huge changes to the company as a whole as their products and product range has grown, adapted and expanded, as the popularity of this brand has gone through the roof.


A question we get asked, but not as much as we used to is: is it really worth the extra money? 


The quality of Farrow and Balls interior and exterior paints are better than ever. Compared to when we first started selling F&B we hardly hear any complaints about coverage, or having to apply multiple coats, and I would say these days Farrow and Ball paints stand up in quality with other designer or trade brand. Some decorators will complain about coverage, then mention they haven't used F&B paints for 10 years, when the company was a fraction of the size it is now. Not to mention, no-one ever seems to be disappointed with the results. When all is said and done, that's what matters in the end, is does my decorating look amazing? Compared with flooring and soft furnishings etc, painting a room is still the cheapest and fastest way to transform a home, even when using a designer paint.


When we look at the price of paints, which are rising constantly, are designer paints really that much more expensive than their trade equivalent? On closer inspection, probably not. We can all go our local hardware store and buy Dulux or Crown retail paint, 5ltr of standard coloured emulsion for about £26.00, but is this a fair comparison? Do we compare a Ford at £15K to a BMW at £50k? of course not, so why do we do it with paints? Paint for many years has been seen as a product that should be cheap, but in recent years this is changing. People are putting more consideration than ever into what goes on to their walls and woodwork, both internally and externally.


The research I have done online tends to answer the question above with a no. A lot of these comments were written 3 - 4 years ago, but companies and products change, grow and most importantly improve. I think it would be fair to say that about F&B products. Its easy to make fun of people who care about the colours in their homes, and say they've been ripped off, but if they are happy with the results (and most are) then what does it matter? 


To sum up I would say, from the feedback we receive everyday from customers who use designer paints including Farrow and Ball time after time, is that yes, Farrow and Ball and other designer paints are worth the 20 - 30% extra. Once people use designer paints and see the difference in quality and finish, not to mention the amazing colour ranges, they rarely go back to using a standard emulsion. A persons home is usually their biggest investment in life, its where we live and spend most of our time, so is saving a few quid on decoration the living room or kitchen worth it for a lower quality finish? I would say not, however the customer will always have the final say.


Farrow and Ball will continue to go from strength to strength as more people discover the brand and other designer paints and is more accessible than ever before.

Below is a picture of our Farrow and Ball tinting machine. This means that we can tint Farrow and Ball colours, including archived colours into almost all F&B finishes including Modern Eggshell and Masonry paints. This cuts down on lead times and means that we can offer same day dispatch on in stock items ordered before 2pm.

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W McNeice 26/08/2021


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