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Exterior Paints for wood, metal and masonry.


With summer on the way, freshening up exteriors is a priority for many. Luckily, all of Little Greene's Exterior Eggshells and Glosses are available to make the exterior of your home look amazing for years to come. Little Greene's plentiful range of exterior paints caters for all requirements and tastes and offers the end user variety as well as quality.

Little Greene's popularity continues to grow thanks to an excellent colour choice, which  has been developed and mastered over the years. The introduction of more Greys and Greens has proven to be hugely popular for both the interiors and exteriors. In addition to this, Little Greene's range of off-whites such as Loft White, Shirting, Slaked Lime and Gauze along with the Colour Scales range has made the sometimes difficult decision of choosing colours a much simpler process. 

Little Greene paints for Exterior use are:

Masonry Paint - This water-based product from Little Greene is available in a 5Ltr can size, and also encompasses the majority of the excellent colour library - including the Grey and Green Range. The 5Ltr can price is a competitive £75.00, compared with Little Greens's closest rival, Farrow and Ball whose Masonry paint has increased in price hugely over the last few years, currently retailing at £93.00. The quality of all Little Greene's paint is undoubted, their Masonry paint is no exception. 

Intelligent Exterior Eggshell - A hugely popular finish available in 1Ltr and 2.5Ltr can sizes. This is a water-based paint, rather than oil based, with a shorter drying time, making it a perfect solution for painting front doors and windows. Ordinarily with an oil based paint this would mean leaving doors and windows open for a number of hours - with the Intelligent Exterior Eggshell this is not necessary. The low sheen level has made this finish very popular, we have seen it being tinted into Normandy Grey, Sage Green, Scree and Dark Lead Colour for use on exterior projects, but it can be used across the entire range.

Tom's Oil Eggshell - If it's an Oil Based product you prefer, Little Greene has an option for this as well - something their closest competitors cannot offer. Their Tom's Oil Eggshell has a low sheen level of just 15% and is available in 1Ltr and 2.5Ltr can sizes. All of Little Greene's colours are available with quick delivery. Many people still do prefer to use an oil based product, as they like the extended open time of the paint before it dries.


Traditional Oil Based Gloss - This is Little Greene's main Gloss, with a high sheen level of 90%. Although Gloss has not been as popular as Eggshell over the past few years, in some situations it can look stunning, and it still preferred by some customers. With its higher sheen level, Gloss has an extremely strong, durable and long lasting finish. And with fashions changing all the time, it may start to see an increase in popularity again before too long.

Little Greene also have a full range of Primers and Undercoats, all of which are available on We can tint the perfect Little Greene primer to go with your chosen top coat colour. Preparation is an extremely important part of the decorating process. Cutting corners at this stage can be costly to the final look of your project and can reflect how long your top coat will last for.

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