Which Farrow and Ball Paint is best for a bathroom?

Which Farrow and Ball Paint is best for a bathroom?


Farrow and Ball offer an excellent range of paints, suitable for all part of the home and beyond. Making the right choices, and using the correct paints in the right rooms is very important. Using the wrong paints (as we have seen over the years) will cause frustration, and will end up being costly in both time and money.


The right Farrow and Ball paint for bathroom walls and ceilings would be Modern Emulsion. This paint from Farrow and Ball is water-based and has a 7% sheen level and is fully wipeable and washable. This paint can be used anywhere in the home and is becoming a more popular choice than the flatter Estate Emulsion. Bathrooms and kitchens are prone to condensation and moisture, the Modern Emulsion is designed to withstand this type of environment. The slightly higher sheen level gives it the durability to perform better and look like F&B paints should for much longer.

We have seen people use the Estate Emulsion to get a flatter finish, and they have been disappointed with the results. The Estate Emulsion is simply not designed for use in bathrooms, kitchens or high traffic areas like hallways and childrens bedrooms.

Modern Emulsion is available in all Farrow and Ball colours, including archived colours, National History Museum and Liberty. Sizes available are the 2.5Ltr and 5Ltr. Independent tests have shown the Farrow and Ball Modern Emulsion does not fade, peel or flake after repeated washes. We have also used the F&B Modern Emulsion in our decorator centre and it has proven to be durable, washable and the perfect choice for busy environments.








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