Which Little Greene Paint is Best for a Bathroom?

Which Little Greene Paint is Best for a Bathroom?

This is a question we get asked a lot. When painting areas that will be exposed to steam, condensation, high traffic, wear and tear etc, we have to use paints that are designed to cope with such areas. Using the wrong type of paint can be a costly mistake both in time and money, so getting things right at the start can save a lot of dissapointment in the future.


Little Greene make two different types of emulsion for use on interior walls. These are Absolute Matt and Intelligent Matt.


Absolute Matt is Little Greene's flattest emulsion, and is designed to be used in bedrooms, living rooms or areas where a flat, clalky emulsion is required. This emulsion is not designed for areas of the home where steam and condensation will be present. This is where the Intelligent Matt Emulsion comes in.


At around a 3% sheen level this paint is still very flat, but dries to a solid, durable, scrubbable finish. It is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, childrens play rooms, halls, stairs and any area where children or pets might be present. When the walls do get dirty, they can be cleaned down with ease and the paint will not come off on to the cloth, or leave a mark when scrubbed. I personally always recommend this finish and have used it in all areas of the home becuse it lasts to long, and still looks great years after being painted. It is available in 3 sizes, 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 5Ltr and most of the lighter colours can be mixed into a 10Ltr tub!


When painting Intelligent Matt in a kitchen or bathroom it is important to let the paint fully dry or cure before using the room, cooking or having a hot shower for example. Not allowing the paint to dry properly before using the room can cause the paint to fail and look very unattractive. If possible leave the paint to dry overnight, and keep the room well ventilated. This would be true to any paint and any project. Drying times and re-coat times are very important, don't be tempted to to rush things to get the job done quicker. This will only cause the paint to look unattractive, not dry properly and not last as long as it should.


Another option when painting a room which has especially high wear can be Little Greenes Intelligent Eggshell. This product would usually be used on woodwork or metalwork, however this product can be used on walls. Eggshell will have a higher sheen level than a durable emulsion, but for shower rooms or areas then have large amounts of steam, this finish could be something to consider. Just remember that when you come to re-paint over the eggshell, the walls should be re-primed first for best results. 






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