Can Farrow and Ball Paints be matched?

Can Farrow and Ball Paints be matched?


Can we get Rolls Royce products at Ford prices? The simple answer to this question is NO! Unfortunately we spend large amounts of time with customers who have had designer paint colours matched into cheaper brands and been disappointed. What started out as a way to save some cash, can quickly become a costly in both time and money.

The paints that nearest matches are tinted into are using a different tinting system, the colourants added are not the same, and the paints are made differently, using different raw materials and manufacturing methods. The main clue are in the words nearest match. The colour tinted will be the nearest match the cheaper tinting system can achieve. You are in effect having a different colour mixed up. The results are usually the colour not being quite right or just OK, and not getting the finish that the genuine product will achieve. Which are the main two points of using designer paints. Not only that, once dissapointed the customer has to buy the actual paint, and re-do the decorating works or pay a decorator to return and re-decorate.

Designer paint companies like Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Sanderson and many others put huge amounts of time and effort into creating their paint colour pallets and wallpapers. They also put a lot of time and effort into making sure their colours, whether manufactured in house or tinted in store are accurate. With a nearest match, if the customer is disappointed they are kind of stuck with a can of paint that's not right. I would always recommend spending the extra and getting the right colour, in the proper paint, and avoiding disappointment and costly fixes. Remember this paint is going to cover all of the walls in your home, is it really worth risking getting that wrong to save £30.

Below is a photo of a brush out board using Farrow and Ball Pitch Blue as an example. We see this a lot where other tinting system cannot achieve the colour, finish or depth of colour that the actual manufacturer achieves.


Paint is like coffee. The colour is the froth on the top, but it’s the quality of the rest of the cup that makes it taste good.

– Richard Ball, Farrow & Ball Co-founder

























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