Farrow and Ball Carte Blanche

New Collection from Farrow and Ball - Cartre Blanche


The new Carte Valnche collection has been designed by fashion designer Christoper John Rogers. Bringing his unique style and flair he has teamed up with Farrow and Ball to create 12 brand new colours consisting of four neutrals and eight powerful statement shades, which when combined give a unique look. 


The new colours are as follows and call all be ordered on designer paint store.


  1. Hog Plum - A muddy yellow reminiscent of the sweet and sour fruit found across Central America and the Southern States.
  2. Roasted Macadamia - A favourite among The Squirrels, this soft neutral is named after the nut of a similar shade.
  3. Shallot - A cheerful pink that takes its name from a sweeter member of the allium family widely used in Cajun cuisine.
  4. Romesco - A rich, brilliant red evocative of the classic Spanish sauce, which also doubles as a favourite makeup shade.
  5. Cardamom - A rich brown inspired by the warming, versatile spice used in dishes around the world.
  6. Raw Tomatillo - This joyful and verdant green is inspired by the fried green tomatoes made by a beloved grandmother.
  7. Lobster - A vibrant, lively blue that takes its name from the popular Louisiana catch.
  8. Sardine - This silver blue takes its name from a favourite afternoon snack of a much loved grandfather.
  9. Au Lait - This soft white is inspired by the chicory coffee popular in New Orleans, often served with steamed milk.
  10. Liquorice - This deep black is that of the classic sweet created using the root of the plant from which it takes its name.
  11. Blue Maze - This deep blue is inspired by the unique hue of corn popular in Mexico and the Southern States.
  12. Pea Flower Tea - A vivid blue, this shade is named after the brightly coloured drink created by infusing petals from butterfly pea flowers.




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